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Welcome to my universe where I spend a lot of my time to learning from me, exploring the world and spending time with my lovely girlfriend, daughter and my fransh bulldog.

I come from a small country called Denmark, maybe you have heard of my country before? Or maybe you just know some of the big companies our small country has created over time such as LEGO, Carselberg, Maersk, Pandora, Ecco, Grundfors, Danforss, or maybe you are more into the cultural life where Denmark is known for bla. H. C. Andersen and The Little Mermaid.

Denmark consists of approx. 6 million inhabitants, where our language is Danish but most of us have English as a secondary language so we can communicate with people from other parts of the world, as Denmark lives a lot of knowledge and exports.

From my childhood back I 90'eren I have spent much of my time to learning a lot in computer, i start when my first computer called 2x86 computer with 512kb of memory, 20mb hard drive and 40mhz with turbo enabled, and the OS was Windows 3.11.

Back then you were very much a nerd without friends and everyone laughed at you at a time when many did not quite believe that computer was something you could live on in the future and therefore was a waste of time.

With the knowledge I have, I have therefore decided to share it with everyone who wants to learn what I can and will spend the time learning with me

I really started my YouTube channel with videos in the beginning of 2019, before that I had uploaded all sorts of videos but focused on computer technology such as development, server operation and tips & tricks for different systems.

When I am not spent time at my computer and working, learning new languages and techniques, I naturally use my time with the family where the time is spent having fun and having a good time by traveling to different distances around the world to experience other cultures and people get.