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A trip to Tivoli with big sister and niece, Tivoli decorated as a winter theme

Paris Nakita Kejser - February. Sunday 9th 2020 08:00 AM

My big sister is comming to town in a short visit with my nieces and we took a trip into Copenhagen Tivoli where it was decorated with a winter theme that has made the whole of Copenhagen Tivoli so beautiful for all the guest in the park.

Time passed with walking around and looking, trying the different things, here in among an indoor slide rental place for children where adults could also participate, and of course I do no playing place without uncle who was warm so the children were not cooled while renting and it was super cozy mood.

When we were done and renting around inside Pingo's playland which was full of slide and slide tower, we went for a ride on ice-skates where Copenhagen Tivoli had an art outdoor skating rink set up for a period in the winter, here we also spent a lot of time for to entertain us before we went in and eat, my sister got the joke and I also got to give that gas together with my niece who thought it was really fun.

It ended up that I had to throw my jacket even though everyone there was skating in jackets, but had it so hot that I could not skate on with the jacket, and it seems my niece was very funny and she just laughed on she got both hinterland walks and walks where we turned around and all sorts of crazy things that an uncle could come up with.

When we were done with all our skating fun the trip went to get some food, we ended up at Vapiano which is really a delicious place if you like pasta, unfortunately Vapiano went bankrupt at the start of the Corona crisis and it is a place we miss every single day, it was a really delicious place to come and the prices were to pay for good pasta rats.