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Alice's first trip with train to Jutland

Paris Nakita Kejser - February. Friday 19th 2021 03:30 PM

When we go to visit family in Jutland we are using train, in this Corona time there are much fewer with the train, and its cool because then we can have 4 seats to fill all the baby stuff with, and people there get babys know how much stuff you need to pack when you are travling out of your home, and we are, of course, no exception.

The trip start home in Farum where we are taking the bus to Farum station where we are change to S-Train into Copenhagen Central Station a little trip there are taking around 1 hour, when are eating food and prepare for the next chapter in the long road trip.

The next step will be to find the train there can transport us from Copenhagen to Aarhus a trip of approx 3 hours so its required planning to to so long trips with a baby, but when you have planning the trip a days before then this trip are no problems to do.

This trip its ending to a longer visit in Jutland for Alice with the family both a visits to aunts and uncles and grandparents on around 2 weeks, i need to take back to go for work in 2-3 days and then i revisit the family in 1,5 week in Jutland where i'm working remote at same time.

Isabella and Alice have great alone time from dad until i revisit again, its was a nice time and i think we soon can do that again i hope so we can visit more places around there with Alice.