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Bought new audio interface for home studio - T-Helicon GoXLR

Paris Nakita Kejser - April. Tuesday 20th 2021 01:00 PM

Today I received my new audio interface from T-Helicon the model GoXLR. I upgrade from Yamaha AG03 I have been used the last 1,5 year to record all voice for my YouTube videos. But the time is going and I required better sound quality to my subscribers and I final found the product I want to use the T-Helicon GoXLR.

A lot of people will say a USB microphone from different brand is fine, but I can say based on my own experience. Its a huge different of your quality of sound from the microphone when you are recording on a eg. Ice Blue Mic to around 80-100$ and then upgrade to a fully sound system to over 600$ but its depends on what your goal is of the final product of your voice.

I pick the T-Helicon GoXLR based on a recommendation of a very good friend there working with sound every day. I telling him I need better noise gate, better preamp in my audio interface so I can upgrade my Rode N1 XLR microphone next time and get event better microphone. He's recommendation was go with the T-Helicon GoXLR sound interface. He know I'm not a gamer there want to stream my games in live stream but my focus are on sound quality and how its will be with so less edit when I have recording the voice layer for my YouTube videos.

So now its installed and connected to Elgato Stream Deck so I can switch profile without open the T-Helicon GoXLR application on the computer. I'm so happy for this product and hope its will taking my sound to the next level.