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Christmas in Copenhagen Tivoli with corona restrictions

Paris Nakita Kejser - November. Wednesday 18th 2020 03:00 PM

Then it's once again Christmas in Copenhagen Tivoli and there is decoration around Tivoli's garden. Around Copenhagen Tivoli's garden, there are lights on the trees, artificial snow and many other beautiful things to look at when you walk through Tivoli's beautiful garden.

I was in there with my girlfriend, big sister and her friend and our daughter, My daughter tried for the first time a ride in a carousel with me, we were allowed to ride in a beautiful princess carriage and look on the nice horses because we were the only ones to try this carousel in Copenhagen Tivoli. The trip fell into good soil with Alice, we had a great time and the others stood and waited for us to finish our trip, when the trip was over Alice wanted another trip but we had to move on.

When we had to find a place to eat, we ended up at Price's Diner inside Copenhagen Tivoli where we were well received despite the corona restrictions that now and then we have to wear a bandage and there must be longer between the simple eating places but the waiter was really sweet and everything was as it should be, it is definitely a place i can well recommend if if you are into user and fries.

If you want to visit Copenhagen Tivoli yourself if you are a resident of Denmark or you have come to visit, then at the time of writing remember to book a place when you want to visit Copenhagen Tivoli to be sure they do not close too many guests into the garden, usually when there are not all these corona restrictions then just stand in line and come in and enjoy the garden.

The experience of Copenhagen Tivoli in the corona in the corona time and visit Copenhagen Tivoli several times a year, and have been there for several years then you can get the impression that the decoration has been saved this year is fully understandable based on the economic loss Copenhagen Tivoli and many orther companies and culture places in Denmark have and suffer from here during the corona pandami.

So i will try to support all the places i love so much i can, and thanks to Copenhagen Tivoli for this year Christmas visit