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Great family day trip in Copenhagen Downtown

Paris Nakita Kejser - April. Saturday 10th 2021 03:00 PM

A day where its going to Copenhagen Downtown but planning for Copenhagen Zoo at the first time. But we changed our mind when we visit Copenhagen Zoo.

We have planning this trip to Copenhagen Zoo the day because there shut be dinosaur inside Copenhagen Zoo. Therefore we chose to go for Copenhagen Zoo and see this dinosaur event inside the park. Copenhagen Zoo have a good opportunity to be tested for COVID-19 when you want to visit Copenhagen Zoo. We meetup and we watch the the queue to get COVID-19 quick test where we can get answers in around 15min. The queue for this quick COVID-19 test its so long and we ask other people in the queue about how long time there are waiting for this COVID-19 quick test, the answers we get is a waiting time on 30min, and there still waiting so I guess its will take 45min to take COVID-19 quick test, 15min for the test answers and the we need to go for a other queue to prove our COVID-19 test to be negative.

So we decided change our planned day to go shopping in Copenhagen Downtown and look what we can find to Alice so she get a great day, now when the Copenhagen Zoo plan was changed.

First we need to find a bus and then travel from Copenhagen Zoo to Copenhagen Downtown, a trip on 10min I guess, very short. When we stay off the bus in Copenhagen Central Station we take a walk down to town square where we have a long shopping street in Copenhagen.

We spent time to visit the Lego store where we look on Lego to Alice so we can get ideas to gifts, its was amazing visit, and we stay in queue I think 10min or something like that, we have in Denmark store restrictions at the moment, so we shut wait until our turn. When we get inside we walk a round in the store and look on Lego Duplo as we think will be a great gift idea when she has a birthday in the next month.

After finished our Lego store visit we took a walk down of the street to Disney Store where we had decided us to buy a gift to Alice. We stay in queue here again before we can visit Disney Store but again its store restrictions and there need to take care of it. I think because Disney Store are so popular we are waiting in like 20min before we late go inside the Disney Store. We found different stuff inside, Alice get Dumbo teddy bear, Minnie mouse clothes and a cute princess cup to drink of.

We spent almost 5 hours on this trip today, and we all got so tired after so long trip, when we got home we sleep all to recovered our long trip, but its was so amazing to day and so nice to spent so much time with the family.