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New coffee machine to make espresso and coffee latte

Paris Nakita Kejser - September. Sunday 27th 2020 06:00 AM

I love coffee, i love coffee so much so i buy a new coffee machine that can make espresso, normal coffee and not least coffee latte that is really delicious, has gone from using too ground coffee beans to using whole coffee beans in my new coffee machine.

Before this espresso coffee machine I had a Moccamaster One Cup which I have been really happy with over the last 4-5 years, I got it when my girlfriend was tired of me, when i making a whole jug of coffee but always threw around 50% of the jug out becures its get cold and i don't like cold coffee, i understand my girlfriend pretty much its so much waste of good coffee.

With the new coffee machine from DeLonghi espresso coffee machine I have the opportunity to get freshly ground beans when I make my cup of coffee on daily basis, the coffee is brewed with 15 bar with each cup of coffee, it makes the coffee get a different taste than traditional filter coffee, and I personally know that taste very well like, and so the opportunity to occasionally make a cup of coffee latte is not too bad either.

If you are like me and love coffee, then I can recommend you to buy this type of coffee machine even though it is located at the expensive end of coffee machines then I think it is all worth the money.