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New purchase bed is a King Size bed, its ready for all family members

Paris Nakita Kejser - February. Monday 10th 2020 06:00 AM

Since we moved from Jutland to Zealand we have slept on an IKEA mattress with a frame from there, it was a 3 quarter bed we have laid and slept on for many years, will guess on a 5-6 years and the bed has then made its job as it should, but since there is family augmentation on the way and our French Bulldog is sleeping with us in bed, then it was time to invest in a brand new bed.

We have spent a long time together researching which bed we wanted and how big it should be, I have run around with measuring tape to make sure the measurement was correct and the size neither from too big nor small we found out between each plug contract at our bedside table, there was room for a King Size bed which in Denmark measures 210 cm x 210 cm

There were approx. 3 months waiting time for our bed as it is not a normal size in Denmark so we were really excited when it came, when the bed arrived at our apartment, we were lucky that my big sister was up and greeting that day, for are you crazy that bed is huge, much bigger than I had expected, it also had to be assembled and people there know me know i'm not a handyman.

Big sister then helps us to assemble the bed and it succeeds, we end up going to the local inn for food when we finished assembling the bed, well deserved meal after we finished the food my sister took home to Jutland again.

We have been really happy with our bed ever since it was bought and assembled, and will at any time if you have room for such a large bed and you are a couple, then I would recommend investing in such a large bed, you play simply because you are too close, in the summer heat you avoid sticking with your partner and there is room for your pet and children in our case a French Bulldog and a baby.