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Studio upgrade with Elgato Key Light

Paris Nakita Kejser - June. Sunday 13th 2021 08:00 AM

If you have seen my YouTube videos you probably have seen the issue about the light in my face, its a little dark sometimes and I fight a lot with this. Today I got my new light for my studio and I upgrade my studio with Elgato Key Light be cures i can control the lights on directly from my task menu on Windows or on my Elgato Stream Deck with key binding. I'm sure you can buy a cheaper lights out there but for a gadgets guy like me I will always use a setup there will be easy to using and with low maintains so i can focus on what I love to do.

So if we shut say a little more about the Elgato Key Light setup, I will say if you need more light this will do the job, i use 2 Elgato Key Light to control both left and right side with the perfect light setup and i only set it to 10-15% of light else its to light for me, and then I got 4x Philips Hue Play lights in the background to get blue + pink light so i add colors in my light setup.

If your budget its small then I will not recommend this light setup its cost in Denmark around 1.500 DKK (200 €) each then I will recommend to go after cheaper lights there can give the same light but for lower budget. But if you like me want the to play with all your other gadgets and control on your computer you just buy it and don't look on your bank account after you have push buy. The nice stuff with Elgato Key Light its work together with your Elgato Stream Deck and its easy to control when you need it you can just turn on and when your are finished you can just turn it off directly from your PC or Elgato Stream Deck but 400€ for 2 LED light panels its very expensive.