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The day when I became a dad

Paris Nakita Kejser - May. Friday 29th 2020 04:00 AM

I long to wait, I expected I should never have children since I was convinced that all that with children, it was not for me and it buckle legs for a lot of things I really wanted, so it has not been because I did not like children, because I really love children, but the idea of having my own child has never been something I thought it was something I should.

But after 8 years in a couple of relationships, and a lot of talking back and forth, we agreed that with a child it might be okay, even though I still had a fear of it, whether it was becoming a father or whether it was the fear of not being good enough or whatever you should I can not answer, but a fear I clearly had to have my own child.

My girlfriend got pregnant and we have gone and rejoiced absolutely enormously and the planned birth was take place in April 2020 men in February were all over the world get deep into the Corona pandemic and now the fear was most of all about, can i come to my own child birth, because in Denmark at this time in the COVID-19 pandemic biggest health crisis in my lifetime, and in this time it was not allowed to take the relatives or friends to a hospital, and therefore I would not be able to come in if she had to go in birth

Fortunately, time passed and Denmark get more open little by little, and as we are about to leave the month of May, it so happened, quite accurately Alice comes into the world on May 29, 2020 just after a violent shutdown to stop the spread of the Corona virus, and I luckily had to come to the birth, which happened with the help of a caesarean section at Hillerød hospital in Denmark.

So that to becoming a father was not as bad as I feared as i thought, it has of course changed some of my daily's routines and changed the way I want to achieve the things I want to example make videos for my YouTube Channel, but in addition to some small routines there are should change seems basically not it has been the great upheaval to become a father.

Some of the most strategic things that have changed which are a bit more in the funny part, is that you always have to pack a huge bag with diapers, food and other baby equipment to Alice at the same time as you just have to coordinate times if you go out and eat.