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VM 2022 Football Qualifications match - Denmark vs Scotland (FT 2-0)

Paris Nakita Kejser - September. Wednesday 1st 2021 06:45 PM

I have been to my first VM qualifications football match for our national football team in Denmark. We have get ticket based on our Danish fan subscription I got and so lucky I get tickets to this match. I have wait for this match in around a month and have been so excited up to the VM football match here in Denmark.

I visit the football match with my Dad, my dads wife and a good colleague from my work, we have nice seat in the Danish fan-zone where all the big fans have seats its was a very nice felling when the Denmark football team score a goal, the stadium get total electrics and all the fans sing the song and get happy its was so nice feeling to be so close in the fan-zone of football fans.

There visit total 35.000+ fans and its first time here in the COVID-19 show I have seen so many people to getter so its such a great experience to be the part of the fans in this VM 2022 Football qualifications match with Denmark vs Scotland and the good thing is, Denmark won the match with 2 goals so the fulltime match ending 2-0 to Denmark.