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Beginning with NGINX - General knowledge of NGINX

Paris Nakita Kejser - January. Tuesday 31st 2023

Using NGINX as webserver give you a option to create your own reserve proxy with NGINX. When you setup a reserve proxy with NGINX you can create a load balancer where you can split traffic by using the weight method.

With this NGINX video courses for beginner you will learn how to setup NGINX web server and how you can use NGINX with the latest software version from NGINX by add it to sources list in Debian.

You will learn how you can use NGINX as error handler with custom error page there is triggered by http status code 404 page not found and http status code 502 bad gateway. Everything will you learn in this NGINX video courses for beginners and I did not expect you know to much about NGINX so I will explain in details how you work in NGINX settings. How you get up and running with your new NGINX webserver.