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How to build Discord Bot API with Nodejs

Paris Nakita Kejser - January. Tuesday 31st 2023

Use Discord as chat client can be one thing, but when you need to use Discord to sending message to so you can sending data to your custom channel. Then you need to developing a Discord Bot by using the Discord API.

I will show how to build a Discord Bot by using the Discord API in Nodejs. I will teach you how to get up and running with Discord. I will learn you how to setup your first bot with using the API from start. The only thing you need to do its having a Discord user else you need to create one.

When you are finish with this video courses about build a Discord Bot in Nodejs by using the Discord API you will be able to know how to find the Discord Server ID, Discord User-ID and Discord Channel ID.

You will learn how to late the Discord Bot join a server so the bot can get message from the server the bot have join. Then you will learn how to sending a message back to the server again.

Before you start this video courses about Discord Bot API with Nodejs. I will recommend you to create a test account on Discord so you can use this user as playground.