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Learning Django in Python

Paris Nakita Kejser - January. Tuesday 31st 2023

Go from zero to hero with this basic Django video courses. Learn the basic of Django. Learn how Django can makes it easier for you to build better web apps. In this video courses about Django, you will look into technology like memcached and jinja2 template engine.

Learning Django can be hard if you did not know how to start learning Django. I have trying to make it very easy to understand Django. The point of make it easy learning Django its faster for you to get up and running.

At the beginning you will learning to setup project in Django. Working with regular expression in Django. Working with cookies and sessions in Django with Memcached.

In the end of this video courses to learning Django, I will learn you how to build your own admin panel in your Django project. Building dynamic and link building in Django.

As bonus to learning Django and my love to Vue.js I will give a video about learning Django with Vue.js and how you setup a Vue.js project in Django. When you are working with Django and Vue.js. I will use Django as Rest API framework and Vue.js as frontend framework.

PythonRESTful APIDjangomemcachedJinja2