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Log4js with NodeJS

Paris Nakita Kejser - January. Tuesday 31st 2023

Log4js its a way to save logs in Nodejs. Using Log4js in your code open for the option to save logs to console like you know and in a same way save to local file or sending to remote server.

You will learn in this video courses for Log4js, How you can get working with logrotate if your log file get to big, normal I will defined big is more then 10mb. You will learn how to enabled compress of your log file when you are using logrotate.

If you don't like to storage your logfile on your locally server and want to sending this log files to a log server, then you will learn how to setup a TCP log server in Log4js to received logs. When you have setup this TCP server with Log4js I will help you use TCP worker in your Nodejs project at the same time.

All you will learn in this video courses for Log4js in Nodejs can be using together so you can sending log to console, terminal, local file and to a TCP log server with Log4js.