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OpenSSH - Windows Server 2019
Install OpenSSH on Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and open ssh port 22 in windows firewall

If you are like me in love with Microsoft Hyper-V environment and run all your virtual machine on it? or you just have a Windows Server 2019 you need to control over SSH from a Linux machine or maybe from Windows 10?

Then you are coming to the right video about it, i will guide your for this Microsoft windows server 2019 video how you can download OpenSSH, install it via PowerShell, add it to you system services and allow port 22 in windows firewall.

Everything i done in this video course i do be cures i need it for my daily work to be more productive when I'm working and don't need RDP remote access anymore when you have ssh.

When you install openssh on your windows server operating system its will include you to use sftp server.