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Synology NAS - DSM 6.1 & DSM 6.2
Create RAID group on Synology SHR

Learn how you can create your own raid group on your Synology NAS, normal you will use SHR1 or SHR2 on Synology but you can use the defualt RAID setup if you want.

The benefits to use shr (shr1 or shr2) is you can expand your system when you buy more disk space, you can't do that on the normal raid way, and here are synology nas server are very nice and i have used Synology the last 4 years and have never have eny issue with it.

SHR1 mean you have 1 disk failure, and SHR2 is with 2 disk failure, SHR stand for synology hybrid raid or called synology raid and synology shr.