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Docker its a stack of products there using OS-level virtualization to delivery software we called containers. Every single docker container is isolated from others docker containers.

Docker is open source and free to install and use, the software you installed on your host called Docker Engine, You can get data from Docker Engine based on Docker Socket there allow you to use the Docker Engine API to get data from the Docker Engine host.

Docker its a great way to run lots of application on one single server and share your server resources like Memory, CPU and Hard Drive. Its easy to get up and running with Docker and all the different Docker products.

The Docker stack did have products like Docker Engine, Docker Desktop, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm and Docker Registry.

Docker Engine is the main core of Docker and you can't run Docker software whit out have Docker Engine installed on your host. Docker Desktop is used for lots of developers and Docker Desktop can be installed on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Docker Compose are design to be used when you want to run a Docker setup from a single configuration file, you can use Docker Compose if you are running a single server but I will always recommend to use Docker Swarm on Server environments. Docker Swarm is the way you are running Docker in cluster mode, you are running Docker Swarm on one or more servers where you got a Docker Swarm Manager and Docker Swarm Worker where you can place your Docker containers on.

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