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Microsoft Hyper-V

Microsoft Hyper-V

Run your server park in a virtual environment

There are many virtual environments to cough your server park in. I have personally work with Proxmox which is free, VM Ware ESXi which is free if you not need all the featuers, when you do its fast costs you a lot of money when you want some spicelle features such as replication of your server and so Is there Microsoft Hyper-V included in the Windows 10 or Windows Server version for free.

This allows you to test your machines on a Windows 10 computer and run the tests you are going to and then you can move your virtualle hard disk to your Windows Server environment. Hyper-V supporters of course also Linux and Unix systems that are What I use for my server, but a Microsoft Hyper-V host of your server gives you some options that make it easy to scale and maintain, therefore, Microsoft Hyper-V can recommend if you are into virtual server environments.

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