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NoSQL database you can quickly learn and use for your next project

MongoDB uses me personally for frontend work, but also for all the nanoservices we develop where I work at the present time. The reason why MongoDB is much faster to retrieve data you need than RDBMS databases such as MySQL, Percona and MS SQL.

But like many other things, MongoDB is not the ultimate answer to the database that can be used for everything, but it can be used to very much and personally I am switching away from MySQL, which I have used in many years for the use of MongoDB so It has been possible for new projects.

I'm using MongoDB where I'm not forced to use a transaction based database because MongoDB besides being incredibly easy to learn and go to and hard to master, it's also much easier at the same time to scale if you work with large systems Where it is necessary to run on an unknown number of servers and need to open up more power as more database servers that can be read from also called replication.

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