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Work Experience

With more then 17 year's of professional experiences in the field, i have helped company's as employee's over the years with different skills based on the need for a single project/task.

AWS Cloud Engineer at Ekstra Bladet (2022 - Present)

AWS Cloud Engineer

PostgreSQLRedisAWS (Amazon Web Services)Integration ArchitectCloud ArchitectPython

DevOps Engering at Bonnier Publications A/S (2021 - 2022)

DevOps Engering with responsible for cloud servers

MySQLMongoDBBackup StrategySecurity StrategyDocker SwarmNGINXVarnishRedisAWS (Amazon Web Services)GC (Google Cloud)Integration ArchitectSystem ArchitectContainer managementCloud System AdministratorLinux System AdministratorAutomation TaskCaching StrategyPythonNode.jsPHP

Senior Developer at Bonnier Publications A/S (2021 - 2021)

As a Senior Developer, I have set the agenda for how the operation should be organized, followed closely the development of the platform and upgrade older systems to be ready to run into Docker Swarm environment.

Based on that, I have quietly been given the overall responsibility for both internel security, server operation, direction of the integration architecture when new products were to be made.

PHPMySQLPythonMongoDBDocker SwarmDocker DesktopNGINXRedisNode.jsVue.jsNuxt.jsAPI IntegrationContainer managementCloud System AdministratorLinux System AdministratorAutomation Task

Lead Developer at Føniks Computer A/S (2015 - 2020)

I’m responsible for maintaining the current webshop and on the side I am developing an entirely new webshop made from scratch. In doing so, it’s curcial to pick the correct server-hosting provider, the correct server setup and also the correct technologies to solve this task.

The new setup is made of a complex system that gives some significant challenges, technology-wise. It also challenges my abilities as a developer due to the complexity of the assignment.

I’m working in close tangent with both internal staff-members and external partners and their systems for XML, CSV and API integration.

PHPPythonMySQLMS SQLMongoDBRedisElasticsearchHTMLCSSLESSSASSJavaScriptjQueryNode.jsVue.jsBootstrapFont AwesomeAPI IntegrationPayment integrationWindows Server System AdministratorLinux System AdministratorMicrosoft C5Automation TaskData ScienceData Analyst

CTO & Software Developer at (2013 - 2015)

At my time with iRepair I’ve been responsible for maintaining the server, developing their webshop and internal systems for the use of the technicians. This has given me a lot of exciting tasks and even more challenges during my stay with them.

During this I’ve also had the time for other projects where I’ve developed API solutions and other interesting projects along those lines.

My primary task during my stay was to keep the systems running and being responsible for all the technical parts of the company.

PHPMySQLHTMLCSSJavaScriptjQueryBootstrapFont AwesomeAPI IntegrationPayment integrationLinux System Administrator

Software Developer at (2010 - 2013)

I’ve been with the team from the very beginning when the page had to be recoded. Here I’ve been challenged when new functions had to be implemented. In the many years of me working at I’ve been working on the backend development, the frontend development and the server setup along with the optimizing the performance of the server. I have done all of this working closely together with the entire team.

PHPMySQLHTMLCSSJavaScriptjQueryPayment integrationLinux System Administrator

Software Developer at (2010)

Miinto is an online clothing meta-webshop, where customers can buy their clothes across several webshops and physical stores. The idea behind the website was to create a one-stop shop for the customers shopping needs.

I was with them in the beginning where I helped developing some of the first functions, amongst these the basic webshop-code, some export options and a lot of other functions tied to the webshop.

Miinto has been made so it’s easy for the shops to handle their orders from the customers. The customers was also guided through the purchasing process in an easy way and I have been a part of creating this process.

PHPMySQLHTMLCSSJavaScriptLinux System AdministratorPayment integration

Software Developer at Page Design ApS (2005 - 2009)

I’ve taken my education as a Multimedia Integrator here and have afterwards been employed for several years where my primary task was to develop Content Management Systems and webshop-solutions. The tasks was typically to take a finished design in Photoshop and then slice it and turn it into HTML and CSS for further use.

There has also been maintenance work on the server where I had to work on a Linux server and change DNS protocols for the customers domains.

PHPMySQLHTMLCSSJavaScriptPayment integrationLinux System AdministratorWindows Server AdministratorAdobe Photoshop